In every mediation the mediator is extremely important; he has to be a neutral third person who also has to be able to convince the parties for a settlement. A financial mediator’s role requires a lot of experience, patience and understanding of the issue at hand. It is important for the mediator to be able to understand both parties’ viewpoints and to try to reach an agreement with both sides without sacrificing too much in one’s favor.The accounting doc has handled numerous financial mediations; our teams have resolved issues between parties that had been dragging on for years with success. It has always been our goal to save our clients a lot of money through out-of-court settlements and do so in an impartial manner.

The financial mediation services at the accounting doc are divided into two core categories.

Financial mediation services for families

We have spent numerous hours arbitrating disputes between families in order to resolve them out of court and on a good standing. Whenever possible, we have managed to save both parties a significant amount of money and come to an agreeable solution that is in both parties' best interests. Our teams will meet with both parties separately and try to come to an acceptable solution for everyone. Helping to maintain your family relations is as important to us as coming to a just agreement.

Financial mediation services for corporates

When it comes to business matters, financial mediation plays a much larger role. The issues at stake are complicated and it is best if they are resolved quickly and discreetly. We have a team of polished experts who will bring both knowledge and expertise to our arbitration on business matters. This knowledge comes from our extensive experience dealing with companies and with the corporate world. We have also successfully helped resolve numerous corporate disputes and brought both the parties to an agreeable solution Corporate disputes can be very expensive to resolve if it is taken to court, we will help you save a lot of money and help get you a great deal.

At the accounting doc, we just don’t believe in settling disputes. We believe in resolving disputes in good terms, which is beneficial to both parties and we help do it in as little time as possible. So don’t worry as the doc has got you covered.