The Accounting Doc has many services specially curated for immigrants in Canada. Some of these services are listed below:

Guidance & Advice

Let’s be honest when you are moving to a new country every small piece of advice makes a big difference. You may have lots of doubts or worries before moving to your new home and every small piece of advice is a valued asset. Our professionals are well experienced with the immigration process and can help you every step of the way to settle down with no worry.

File your first Tax Return

For every new immigrant, their first tax return opens the door to numerous government programs and benefits. It is a very important milestone in your immigration journey and our tax professionals have years of experience helping immigrants like you file and submit their first tax returns. We understand that every tax return is different and make the process as easy and beneficial to you as possible.

Canada Child Benefit

The Canadian Government understands that children are the future of this country and helps support eligible parents provide their children with the best of everything. It is a monthly payment that helps share the cost of raising children and it is important that you file your tax return to qualify for it. Our tax experts will help eligible parents register and avail the CCB.

Ontario Trillium Benefit

The OTB is a combination of Ontario energy and property tax credit, Ontario sales tax credit and Northern Ontario energy credit. It is a provincial payment designed to help low and modest income families and it varies based on income. We will make sure that qualifying families avail this benefit and they get the refunds they are entitled to.

GST/HST Credit

You already know that we pay tax on every purchase but you may not know that the Canadian Government helps share that tax burden for modest and low-income families. The credit is calculated based on your tax return and is divided into four installments that are paid on a quarterly basis. Our team will make sure that all qualifying individuals get the credit in their bank accounts.

CRA Representation

There will be numerous reasons why new immigrants will need to deal with the CRA, sometimes for critical issues and a lot of times for small issues. Our tax experts have spent numerous hours dealing with the CRA and will represent you to resolve and complete all tasks at hand. Our team has spent countless hours dealing with the CRA and our expertise will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Canadian Bank Account

A bank account is the core financial medium required by every individual to manage his finances, invest his savings or just get a morning coffee. We know how extremely important it is for new Immigrants to open an account and wire their savings before they move to Canada.

Bank accounts are the first step in getting a job, buying a car, or owning a home. Our experts can guide you to get the best bank account that suits your need without the hassle of an upsell by bank agents.