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Calculating and evaluating personal income taxes, or accounting calculations for your own business get overwhelming, confusing and irritating at the same time. But with The AccountingDoc, we’ve got all your worries covered. These are not just calculations but actuarial financial decisions making strategies that we lay down for you, based on your budget, situation and possibility; all tailor made for you. We help you in guiding you with the power of handling finances and save your taxes, by designg tax-saving and investment strategies that aligns perfect with your lifestyle.

Personal Taxes

Need help filing your personal taxes, look no further! Our experts will make it super easy for you to have your taxes done in minutes. Give us a call today to get your taxes filed.

Financial Planning

We can help you out with your personal financial Planning. Our services include Real Estate Investment Planning, Debt Consolidation,, Teach you how to manage your income and expenses better.

New Immigrant Services

We offer many services for New Immigrants from Accounting Advise to helping you choose the right realtor to finding the right car insurance policy, what bank to use.

Credit Repair

We can help you with identifying the root cause of your bad credit and help you repair it. Also we have options for helping you with Debt consolidation. Tired of overpaying interest on your credit card bills. Give us a call, we can help.

Financial Mediation Services

Having a financial dispute, we can help sort out your finances and reach an agreement out of court between both parties. We can also coordinate mediation services with a court appointed mediator and help sort out your finances.

Document Attestation Services

Need your documents attested. We offer all kinds of documents review and attestation services. Contact us for more information.

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  • Cost-saving strategies
  • Accounting solutions for businesses of all sizes
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