The AccountingDoc: PERSONAL TAXES



Our team of experienced accountants will help you maximize your personal taxes refund and minimize your tax liability. We know that every individual tax needs are different and our team will go through the smallest details in your portfolio, and get you the best refund possible.

T1 General

Our personal taxes services include the T1 General, which is the extensive form used by CRA to collect information on taxable individuals. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the T1 General, and are expert in completing it perfectly.

Canada Child Benefit

The Canada Child Benefit is a support from the Canadian Government, which helps families with the cost of raising children. Did you know that it is important for you to file your tax returns to qualify for the benefit? We have experts who will help fill in the relevant information so that qualifying individuals can avail of this benefit.

GST/ HST Tax Credit

The GST/HST Tax Credit helps modest and low income families compensate for a part of the GST/HST they have paid. The refund will come in four equal installments on a quarterly basis in the client’s bank account. We will make sure we give all the relevant information to CRA for qualifying individuals to avail it.

Ontario Trillium Benefit

The Ontario Trillium Benefit (OTB) helps modest and low-income families. It combines Ontario energy & property tax credit, Ontario sales tax credit and Northern Ontario energy credit. All eligible families get monthly refunds directly into their accounts based on their income. We make sure that all qualifying individuals can avail of this benefit.

Capitals Gains Tax

Capital gains are profits made by the sale of an asset (Land, business and shares) . This is a taxable income, and our experts are well experienced in dealing with capital gains and will use every rule in the tax book to help lower your tax liability.

Spousal and Eligible Dependent

The spousal or eligible dependent tax credit helps qualifying individuals who are supporting their spouse, common law partner or qualifying eligible dependent reduce their tax liability substantially. Our experts have it covered and know the technicalities to help avail it for you.

Tuition Tax Credits

Did you pay your tuition or paid it for your dependents? Did you know that the CRA helps you reduce your taxable income with tuition credits? Let us do it for you, our tax experts will help make the best of the information you provide.

Working Income Tax Benefit

The working income tax benefit helps modest and low income individuals who are employed in the workforce. It can help reduce your taxable income and our experts know when to claim it for maximum returns.

RRSP and RPP’s

A Registered Retirement Savings Plan and Registered Pension Plans are all tools in the hands of an expert tax professional that helps reduce your taxable income and avail the most benefits. Our experts are polished in dealing with RRSP’s and RPP’s to get you the best results.

Disability Tax Credit

The Disability Tax Credit helps reduce the taxable income of a person with disabilities or a person who supports them. It is a non-refundable tax credit and our experts know when and how to help avail it for eligible individuals.

Moving Deductions

Did you move your residence recently? Do you know that you are allowed to deduct a part of your moving expenses from your taxable income? Don’t worry we have your back. Our experienced tax experts know how to help qualifying individuals make the best of their moving expenses or carry them forward to the next year for maximum benefit.